Rarebit Dreams

Why Rarebit Dreams? I got tired of leaving the 'Company' part of questionaires blank. On the Net, I have gone by the nick 'haha' and, more recently, 'pxp' and 'odo'. The haha is short for Hans Havermann, but it symbolizes also the fine line between madness and mirth that I thread on my roller-coaster ride into the abyss. I've lived in Weston, Ontario, Canada, since 1967. At one time a native settlement, then village, town,... the picture (right) is of our once-upon-a train station. Amalgamated into the borough - then city - of York, today Weston is part of Toronto.

My interests revolve around my Mac, and sundry other obsessions - including information, recreational mathematics, chess, and puzzles. Below are some of my personal websites...



Cheshire Cat

She Comes In Colours

Eleven Moves

The Early Curley FAQ

Ill Macho

The Kate-Bush pi transform




Infinite Squares

Continued Fraction of Champernowne

Continued Fraction of Khinchin

Continued Fraction of Pi

Mild Narcissistic Constants

Maris-McGwire-Sosa 7-tuples

Some New Word-Discoveries in Base-26 Pi

Continued Fraction of Copeland-Erdos

Repunit Square Differences

Factorization of Repunits, n < 353

Palindromic Sums of Powers of Consecutive Primes

Factorization of Smarandache Concatenated Numbers, n < 84, somewhat outdated

Antipodal Map Intersections

Weeks Between Easters



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